Course Units

All SCD courses are comprised of a series of course units, each of which is described in a Course Unit Outline. Each Course Unit Outline has been approved by Academic Board, Council, and the accreditation authorities.

As a result of the current curriculum review process a new set of Course Unit Outlines will be available from 2014.

The Course Unit Outline forms a baseline for the manner in which Member Institutions design Course Unit Booklets which are provided to students. On the basis of the Course Unit Outline, Member Institutions ensure that their teaching expresses the theological diversity that exists within, and is valued by, the SCD.

When students enrol in units they are provided with a Course Unit Booklet which guides student learning. The booklet is prepared by a teacher within a Member Institution. Although it is a particular interpretation, amplification and extension of the Course Unit Outline that expresses the theological values of the MI and meets the needs of its stakeholder, it is consistent with the SCD Course Unit Outline.  The Course Unit Booklet Policy sets out the requirements for the Course Unit Booklets.

Each Course Unit Booklet provides students with concise information about a coursework unit. It includes the curriculum objectives, learning outcomes, structure, assessment, and other requirements of the unit. It provides students with information about what they can expect from the unit and what is expected of them as they undertake the unit. It expresses the commitment of the Member Institution and the SCD to the student and it forms an integral part of the SCD’s quality assurance process for its teaching and learning activities.

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