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Applying for Classification and Promotion

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The Dean of the SCD will call for applications for classification twice a year and will call for applications for promotion once a year. Classification is expected of all permanent academic staff, whether full-time or part-time, and optional for sessional appointments.

Classification is based on the following fields of attainment:

  1. Achievement in Research and/or Scholarship and/or Professional Consultancy Activities
  2. Experience and Achievement in Teaching and/or Curriculum Development and/or Educational Leadership and/or Educational Development
  3. Contribution to Institutional Planning and/or Governance
  4. Service to the Relevant Profession and/or Academic discipline and/or Relevant Contribution to the Religious and Wider Community

Applicants must demonstrate suitable performance for each field of attainment:

Level A     Satisfactory performance in three fields

Level B     Outstanding performance in one field and meritorious performance in at least one other field

Level C     Outstanding performance in one field and meritorious performance two other fields

Level D     Outstanding performance in at least two fields and meritorious performance in one other field

Level E     Meritorious performance in all four fields and distinguished performance two fields.

To apply for classification/promotion applicants must submit:

  • A curriculum vitaein the SCD format and:
    • An Application for Level A (requires only a covering letter demonstrating satisfactory performance in three out of the four attainment fields and the completed SCD CV) or;
    • An application for Levels B to D that follows the guidelines or;
    • An application for Level E that follows the  guidelines.

All applicants should refer to the descriptors for classification of academic staff which describes the formal qualifications and experience expected for each level.

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