The SCD Library consists of the individual libraries of all the Teaching Bodies (the Member Institutions and the SCD Korean School of Theology). Where a Teaching Body has more than one campus and library, all campus libraries form parts of the SCD Library.

A suitably qualified Principal Librarian is appointed by Academic Board from amongst the librarians based in the Teaching Bodies to coordinate the functionality of this system in supporting the educational requirements of students and staff by providing accessible information in the form of books, periodicals, and electronic resources. This work is assisted by the Library Committee, whose membership consists of one librarian from each Teaching Body. This Committee is overseen by the SCD Dean.

Although most students will probably rely mainly, or exclusively, on the library of the Teaching Body through which they have enrolled, all SCD students and staff may use any library within the SCD system.

For details on all the SCD Libraries, including holdings, special collections, and contact details, view the SCD Library Brochure.

You can access any individual SCD library catalogue via the common web portal, SCD Cat.

SCD students and staff can also arrange to borrow items from any SCD library through reciprocal borrowing arrangements. Students wishing to borrow items from other SCD libraries should use the reciprocal borrowing form or speak to their home college librarian.

Students studying in remote locations can arrange to borrow from any SCD library by emailing or mailing the completed form and photocopy of their student ID to the library from which they wish to borrow.

Information Literacy Resources

Our librarians are specialists in providing guidance for students in developing ‘information literacy’ skills, such as how to search for information effectively, how to determine what is useful and relevant, and how to find the best resources for particular learning tasks and assignments. Ask your local college librarian today ‑ you’ll be surprised at how much they know and how helpful they can be in your learning journey!

You can also access help you in finding information and developing your information literacy skills through our Information Literacy Resources.