Doctor of Ministry

Research Degree Program Information

The Doctor of Ministry coursework component consists of two 18 cpt units, which must be completed with at least a High Credit average. The two units are designed to familiarize students with:

  • contemporary theology of ministry at specialist level;
  • contemporary scholarship in key areas of ministry at specialist level;
  • applied research methodologies;

and to provide students with the tools to develop their Summary of Research Intentions into a formal Thesis Proposal.

The two units are:

R10001    Pastoral and Practical Theology: Hermeneutics and Methodological Paradigms

R10002    Research Settings in Pastoral and Practical Theology

All candidates begin the coursework at the beginning of the academic year. Full-time candidates do both units in the first semester of enrolment; part-time candidates do R10001 in the first semester and R10002 in the second semester.


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