Master of Arts (Korean)

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Students must complete either 8 units (those with a previous AQF Level 8 award in Theology) or 12 units (those with a previous AQF Level 7 award in Theology).

The Master of Arts can be completed with or without a specialisation.

  • A specialisation = 6 units from a specific Discipline including at least 2 units from the 9600 series
    • Students specialising in Biblical Studies must complete an ADDITIONAL 2 units in Biblical studies
  • A sub-specialisation = 4 units from a specific Discipline of which only 2 units can be from the 8500 series.

Students must complete:

  • One unit of Theological English
  • One Generic Research or Capstone unit with a professional focus
  • A maximum of 4 Generic (Research) units, with a maximum of 2 units as Independent Guided Study or a 18 credit point Research Project or Essay.

Click on the Unit Code to view the Unit Outline.

Unit Code Unit Title
Biblical Studies  
A8510  Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
A8520 Introduction to New Testament Greek
A8530 Introduction to Biblical Languages
A8560 Biblical Hebrew
A8570 New Testament Greek
B8510 Introduction to Biblical Studies
B8520 Introduction to the Old Testament
B8530 Introduction to the New Testament
B9603 Interpretation of the Bible
B9605 Old Testament Theology
B9608 New Testament Theology
B9610 Israel’s Beginnings: the books of Genesis and Exodus
B9629 Wisdom and Poetry in Israel
B9636 Isaiah
B9640 Jeremiah
B9652 Apocalyptic Literature
B9657 Lukan Literature
B9668 Gospel according to John
B9672 Romans
B9680 Dead Sea Scrolls
T8501 Introducing Theology
T8505 Basic Christian Doctrines
T8517 Ecclesiology
T8523 Theology of Sacraments
T8531 Christology and Soteriology
T8534 The Triune God and Revelation
T8535 Pneumatology and Ecclesiology
T8581 Church Fathers: An Introduction
T8586 Theological Issues of the Reformation
T9609 Theological Methodology
T9618 Collegiality and Primacy
T9631 Major Questions in Christology
T9633 Focused Study in Trinitarian Theology
T9638 Doctrine of Sanctification
T9639 Theological Perspectives on the Environment
T9643 Mary: Disciple and Symbol of the Church
T9653 Faith and Theology in Context
T9666 Readings in Selected Theologians
T9681 The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed
T9683 Exploring the Philokalia
T9684 Patristic Profile
T9685 Patristic Perspectives on Science and Theology
T9687 Wesleyan Theological Perspectives
Humanities in the Christian Tradition  
A8501 Critical Thinking and Writing
A8532 Ecclesiastical Latin
A8535 English for Theology
W8506 Ancient & Early Medieval Philosophy
W8509 Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy
W8571 Readings in Philosophy
W9612 Religion and Modernity
W9624 Theories & Issues in Ethics
W9640 Philosophical Theology
W9651 Ways of Knowing
Christian Ethics
E8501 Principles of Christian Ethics
E9600 Themes in Fundamental Moral Theology
E9646 Justice and Peace
E9647 Human Life, Family, and Society
E9670 Business and Professional Ethics
E9690 Case Study in Applied Ethics
Church History  
H8501 Introduction to the Study of Christian History
H8510 The Early Church
Byzantine Studies
H8563 The Restoration Movement
H8571 Vatican II and its Reception
H9642 Christian Culture of the Middle Ages
H9667 Religion and Empire
Vatican II and its Reception
H9675 Methodist and United/Uniting Churches in the Ecumenical Century
Christian Life and Ministry  
Worship & Liturgy
L8501 Introducing Christian Worship
L8510 The Practice of Worship
L8520 Foundations of Preaching
L9605 Liturgical Sources
L9620  Preaching and Context
M8509  Framework for Discipleship
M8510 Evangelising Mission Today
M8543 Introducing Islam
M8560 Gospel, Culture & Communication in Australia & New Zealand
M9600 Perspectives on World Mission
M9625 Faith, Mission & Culture
M9642 Interreligious Dialogue
M9672 Justice in the Mission of the Catholic Church
M9685 Cross-Cultural Mission
Pastoral Counselling
C8504 Theory and Practice of Pastoral Counselling
C8506 Psychology and Leadership
C8522 Pastoral Perspectives on Moral Decision Making
C8525 Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) & Positive Psychology (PP)
C8540 Group Processes
C8546 Pastoral Counselling in Ministry
C8547 Pastoral Counselling in Context
C8554 Pastoral Counselling: Marriage and Family
C8565 Pastoral Counselling: Grief, Loss and Trauma
C9636 Ethical and Professional Issues in Pastoral Counselling
C9650 Pastoral Counselling: Children
C9656 Developmental Theory and Pastoral Counselling
C9666 Pastoral Counselling: Addiction
Pastoral Theology
P8501 Introduction to Pastoral and Practical Theology
Foundations of Ethical Ministry Practice
P8510 Foundations for Youth Ministry
P8511 Developing Youth Ministry
P8534 Foundations of Christian Education
P8561 Developing Leaders through Mentoring
P8562 Administrative Leadership and Management for Ministry
P8572 Spiritual Leadership
P8577 Clinical Pastoral Education 1
P8578 Clinical Pastoral Education 2
P8582 Theory and Practice of Ministry 1
P8583 Working in a Ministry Team Setting
P8585 Introduction to Supervisory Practice
P8586 Educational Theory and Practice in Pastoral Supervision
P8587 Theological Reflection in the Practice of Pastoral Supervision
P9601 Practical Theology and Future Church
P9634 New Paradigms of Christian Ministry
P9661 Managing Crisis and Conflict in Ministry
P9662 Mastering Change in Ministry
P9663 Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
P9664 Leading the Larger Church
P9665 Transformational Leadership in Ministry
P9667 Personal Growth for Leadership
P9671 Ministry in Complex Situations
P9679 Clinical Pastoral Education 3
P9682 Theory and Practice of Ministry 2
P9684 Supervised Ministry Practicum
P9688 Advanced Practice in Pastoral Supervision
Christian Spirituality
Formation in Christian Leadership
Christian Spirituality
The Christian Spiritual Tradition
Spiritual Direction
Spirit in Context:  Australian Spirituality
Relational Health in Spiritual Formation
Christian Spirituality in the 20th Century
Spiritual Mentoring
X8500 Research Methodology
Issues in [Topic]
Seminar [Topic]
Honours Thesis
Research Essay
X9691 Research Project
X9692 Research Project
X9693 Independent Guided Study
X9694 Independent Guided Study
X9695 Issues in [Topic]
X9696 Research Essay
X9697 Seminar [Topic]
X9698 Action Research Project
X9699 Capstone Unit in . . . .


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