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2017 SCD CRG Essay Prize


The 2017 SCD Centre for Gospels Research Essay Prize


To mark the launch of the SCD Centre for Gospels Research, the SCD Council and Academic Board are pleased to announce the establishment of the


SCD Centre for Gospels Research Essay Prize

which will be awarded for the essay deemed to be the most excellent amongst those tendered for consideration.

Essays for consideration must be on a Gospels or Acts topic, and must have

  • been submitted in 2017 as an assessment item towards any SCD Course;

The cash Prize will be presented at the 2018 SCD Graduation Ceremony on 14th April 2018. The recipient of the Prize will also be invited to present a version of the essay in a forum of the SCD Centre for Gospels Research.


Applicants for the prize should submit to me, by December 31st, 2017:

  • The Essay for consideration, in clean copy.
  • A signed statement from the Academic Dean of the SCD Teaching Body which received and marked the essay confirming:
    • The SCD award in which the student is enrolled
    • The calendar year in which the essay was submitted
    • Confirmation of the Grade awarded the essay


For further information and inquiry:          [email protected]

End of Year Dinner Report

On the evening of Tuesday 5 December 2017, the small group who across 2017 steered the Centre for Gospels Research into existence met with some other interested friends to close the year together in the home of Jim (SCD Director of Research) & Elizabeth Harrison. After a beautiful meal, our guest speaker, Dr Paul Barnett presented a paper sharing his latest thoughts on the origins of the four Gospels. The paper explored the idea that the four Gospels were related to four mission fields, and asked whether evidence from the wider New Testament epistles suggests that many of the sayings of Jesus were delivered in Greek and written down by his disciples in Greek, and these were later incorporated into the Gospels as we know them. Dr Barnett fielded a range of questions from the group, the discussion adding to the richness of the evening.

Perhaps in the style of the ancient Symposia, the evening was a first for the newly formed Centre, but hopefully the first of many similar convivial occasions in the years to come.