1.0 Governance

1 Governance

     1.1 Constitutional Bodies and Committees of the SCD

          1.1.1 Council and Committee and Advisory Panels of Council

   Audit Committee
   Institutional Membership Committee
   Strategic Planning Committee
   Standing Committee
   Academic Board

            Coursework Committee

            Discipline Coordinators’ Committee

            Research Committee

            Student Support and Admininstration Committee

             Standing Committee

            Principals’ Fellowship

        1.1.2 Dean and Advisory Panels of the Dean

           Academic Classification and Promotion Committee

           Academic Classifications and Promotions Appeals Committee

           External Advisory Panel

           Research Ethics Committee

           Library Committee


1.2 Confidentiality and Disclosure – Directors

     1.2.1 Policy on Confidentiality and Disclosure in Relation to Council Membership

     1.2.2 Council Declarations

1.3 Critical Incident Policy and Procedures

1.4 Honours and Fellowships

     1.4.1  Honorary Doctorates

     1.4.2  Fellows of the Sydney College of Divinity

1.5 Membership

     1.5.1  Membership Guidelines and Application Procedures

     1.5.2  New Member Institution Admission Regulations

     1.5.3  Institutional Membership Policy

     1.5.4  Memorandum of Understanding

     1.5.5  Change of Status of a Member Institution

     1.5.6  Special Review of a Member Institution

1.6  Non-Compliance with SCD Academic Policies 

1.7 Policy On SCD Policies

1.8 Delivery Sites Policy

1.9 Register of Teaching Sites

1.10 Risk Management Policy and Procedures

1.11 Anti-Discrimination Policy

1.12 Staff Performance Review Policy

1.13 Staff Grievance Policy and Procedures