Associate Dean

The Associate Dean and Academic Registrar is Dr Les Gainer.
BSc (Hons), PhD (UNSW)LGainer

Les joined the Sydney College of Divinity in 2005 after 10 years as College Manager and Registrar at the Australian College of Ministries, one of the SCD’s long standing member institutions.

Les provides assistance and support to the Dean in the oversight and coordination of the SCD. He also works closely with the Member Institution’s Registrars in helping them in their administration of students.  His role as chair of the Student Administration Committee allows effective coordination of the administration of SCD students across all the Member Institutions.

Les loves spending time with his grown up married family and taking in a movie and a coffee with his wife Jenni. They attend Epping Church of Christ and enjoy being involved in many areas of ministry.

Les can provide help, support and guidance on all student matters and issues. In addition, Les is responsible for the functionality of the SCD student data management system along with the necessary Government reporting.