KST Faculty Members


Ho Nam KIM : BA (Kosin Uni), MDiv (KHoNamKimorea Theological Seminary), Cert Mission & Bible (SMBC), PhD (Sydney)
Teaching : Intro Old Testament, Psalms, Hebrew, Prophetic literature, Minor Prophets                                                                                           email:deank@scd.edu.au


Sang Jin Lee.JPGSang Jin LEE : BTh, ThM (Korean Methodist Theological Seminary), PhD cand (SCD, 2013 – present)
Teaching : Christology, Grace and Salvation, Christian Anthropology, Spirit in the Church and                                World, Sources and Christian Ethics, Doctrine of                              Sanctification                  email:sangl@scd.edu.au


Yong Tai In

Yong Tai IN : BA (K Christian Uni Eqv), MDiv (Chongshin),  MTh (CSU), ThD (HanNam Uni)
Teaching : Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry, Greek  1, Intro New Testament, Old   Testament Historical Books, The Pentateuch,                                     Hermeneutics, Studies in Acts and Romans,                                     Four Gospels                    email:yongt@scd.edu.au


Young JangYoung JANG : BEng, MEng (InHa Uni), MDiv (Reformed Theological Seminary), ThM, ThD (Stellenbosch)
Teaching : Intro New Testament, Four Gospels,                               Johannine Literature, Hebrew and the General                                 Epistle, Revelation of John, New Testament                                       Theology, Romans, Intro to New Testament Greek,                           Hermeneutics                email:yongj@scd.edu.au


Barnabas JooKyung Sik JOO : BA, MDiv (Chongshin), MA (ACTS), MTh (CSU), PhD cand (SCD, 2011 – present)
Teaching : Introduction to Christian Doctrine, Christian Theology I & II, Theology and Film, Christian                 Worldview: Introduction to Theology                                                                                        email:barnabasj@scd.edu.au


Ki Ok JUNG : BA ( Korean Christian College), Dip Theology (Presbyterian Theological Centre),  BTh (ACT), MTh (CSU)
Teaching : Theme in Christian History, History of Christianity in Australia, Spirituality: An Introduction,                          Reformers and the Reformation                                                                                                   email: kiokj@scd.edu.au


Jin Heung KIM

Jin Heung KIM : BA (Seoul National Uni), MDiv (Korea Theological Seminary), MTh, ThD (Kempen Theological Uni)
Teaching : History of Early Church, Spirit and Church, The Self – Revealing God    email: jink@scd.edu.au


se hyun kimSehyun KIM : BSc (Hankuk Uni), MDiv (Asian Center for Theological Studies), MDiv (Seoul Bible Graduate School of Theology), ThM (Torch Trinity Graduate Uni), PhD (Sheffield)
Teaching : The Four Gospels, Lucan Literature,                                Intro to New Testament Greek, Hermeneutics                                                                         email: sehyunk@scd.edu.au

Jae In YU : BA , MDiv (Seoul Theological Uni), MTh (ACT), GrdDip (Wesley Institute), MA (Morling College), BTh (Hons CSU), DCC (America Evangelical Uni), PhD cand (CSU, 2008- present)
Teaching : Spirit and Church, Christian Apologetics,                         Wesleyan Theology          email:jaeinyu@scd.edu.au


YONG SUK CHONYong Suk CHON (Brisbane Campus Coordinator) : BTh. MDiv (Korean Baptist Theological Uni), Dip.Christian Studies (BTS), DMin Can (Souther Baptist Theological Seminary, 2014 – present)
Teaching : Intro New Testament, Synoptic Gospels,                        Johannine Literature      email: brisbanek@scd.edu.au