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Organisation and Governance

The Sydney College of Divinity Ltd was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (Sydney College of Divinity Ltd) on 15 September 1983. The College is owned by an ecumenical consortium of private colleges. For details of these colleges see Member Institutions.

The College is governed by its Council in accordance with the Constitution of Sydney College of Divinity Ltd.

View the current membership of the SCD Council.

Committees of Council:
Audit Committee
Institutional Membership Committee
Standing Commitee
Strategic Planning Committee
Academic Board

Advisory Panel of Council:
Principal’s Fellowship

Committees of Academic Board
Coursework Committee
Discipline Coordinators Committee
Research Committee
Standing Committee
Student Support and Administration Committee

The following bodies assist the Dean in the management of particular matters. The Dean informs Council or Academic Board about work of each as appropriate and may receive requests from either governance body concerning the particular work of each committee or panel.

Committees and Advisory Panel of the Dean:
Academic Classification and Promotion Committee
Academic Classification and Promotion Appeals Committee
Library Committee
Research Ethics Committee
External Advisory Panel

An overview of how we are organised, our governing body, our committees: